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My art is inspired by the place I call home; a dynamic physical meeting place in Ontario where the ancient granite rock of the Canadian Shield meet the limestone of the Lowlands -- magically termed 'The Land Between.'  Gestural and graphic in nature, my paintings explore landscapes as portals to deep, imagined and nostalgic relationships to place and subconscious.  By combining collected memory experiences of place with my own photographs, video, and sketches, I come up with compositions and conceptual expressions that push traditional ways of seeing into magical realism.  

Jenny currently paints from her home studio where Clear Lake and Stoney Lake meet. Being immersed in the dynamic landscapes of her home she finds inspiration daily; her sons allow a porthole to a magical way of seeing the world and interpreting the landscape.  She spends winters roadtripping and surfing with her family in Costa Rica, further inspiring and informing her aesthetic and worldview.  Her work has been featured in internationally acclaimed arts and culture blogs Booooooom and My Modern Met, as well as features in Dwell, Les Ideas de ma Maison, and Our Homes Magazine. Jenny's paintings can now be found across Canada, and the US, as well as France, the UK, South Africa, Barbados, Costa Rica and Australia.

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